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The Story:

TSA Frisky started off as a student project at the Savannah College of Art and Design. After 2 10-week studio classes and a school wide competition, TSA Frisky was selected to represent SCAD at E3 2017. The following summer as most of the team was graduating, the game was accepted into SCAD+, a 10-month entrepreneurial business launcher through which SCAD provides alumni with the tools neccesary to start up companies. Through the program, three founders were provided the opportunity to develop the game for nearly a year, and formed Out There Entertainment LLC. TSA Frisky was demo'd at E3, Siggraph, GDC, VRLA, VRX, Facebook and Valve HQ, and was launched on Steam, Oculus, Viveport, Springboard, and NOLO VR.

Out There Entertainment is a Savannah-based VR indie startup. We are three founders with the vision, persistence, and funding to develop VR games that bring a smile to the people

they touch, and we plan to do

lot of touching.

The Folks Behind the Game Engine



Concept Prophet/Art Beard

Remy leads the team in concept design, 2D art, character designs, level concepts, and everything VR.



Sound Wizard/World Architect

Preston's responsibilities include designing and implementing all in-game audio and creating 3D environments that convey the narrative of TSA Frisky.



Logic Shaman/ Reaper of Problems

Christian heads the creation of all the code and implementation of mechanics, narrative, animations, and version control. He's also lead troubleshooter (we call his name a lot).

Special thanks to the people who contributed

Original Team:

Kevin Achen (Programmer)

Elissa Danese (Artist)

Alyssa Juarez (Artist)

Victoria Law (Producer/Artist)

Kaushik Paddy (Programmer)

Daniel Wright (Producer)

Preston O'Bryan (Audiophile)

Continued Development:

Elijah Morris (Programmer)

Neal Krupa (Artist)

Neil Waters (Artist)

Ralph Roma (Artist)

Marisa Angeli (Artist)

Peter Turner (Audio)

Hugo Pereira (Media)

Conner Burke (Animation)

Reichal Min (Video)

Remi Gardaz (Rigging)

The SCAD Game Trailers Club (Video)


Aram Cookson

Cyril Guichard 

Josh Lind

Suanne Fu

Scott Brown


Although we may still be working with many of you, without all of you, none of this would have been possible.

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